Joy riding in the back of a truck

By Jeffrey Mensch |

A mass e-mail was recently sent out to all students with a headline reading: “While it may seem an accepted practice here in Florida for passengers to ride in the bed of pickup trucks it is illegal.”

It turns out you can ride in the back of a pick-up as much as your heart desires.

There is no actual written law in Florida stating it is illegal.

The 2007 Florida Statutes under Title XXIII Motor Vehicles in Chapter 316.614 Safety Belt Usage reads: “The requirements of this section shall not apply to the living quarters of a recreational vehicle or a space within a truck body primarily intended for merchandise or property.”

Basically what that means is the Florida Seatbelt Law does not pertain to the bed of a pick-up truck.
The only restriction for joy-riding in the back of a truck is that the person(s) must be of 18 years of age or older.

Although it may be legal, it is still unsafe to ride in the bed, especially on top a wheel well or standing up.
So if you’re going to hitch a ride in the bed of someone’s pick-up, do so at your own risk, and please don’t stand.

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