The things Henry Flagler never sees

By Danielle Marsh |

Roommates. You either hit the jackpot, or wake up to find out someone has given you a new hair style. I have personally been blessed to have the roommate I do.

Despite the fact she is from the U.S. Virgin Islands, we have a lot in common, especially our taste for adventure and sick sense of humor.

We have had so many adventures together, there is no way of putting a number to it. Let’s just say in the past two years we have done so many insane things, even Britney would step back and gasp.

Flagler can be skimpy when it comes to toilet paper for the girl’s dorms. So when the coveted toilet paper delivery day came around, we were determined to make our “cup runneth over.”

We borrowed a Mexican looking bed sheet from our other roommate and started walking the halls. At the end of our hallway was a box with left over toilet paper.

Needless to say, we filled our bed sheet with the extra rolls of goodness and kept walking. We kept doing this until we could hold no more. We didn’t need toilet paper for a good two months afterward.

Another brilliant idea we had was the “human catapult.” While good in theory, it did not yield good results.

I was not the one that got hurt, but the bruises on my roommate were a constant reminder of the bad idea.

The “human catapult” is where one person lies on the bed with their feet in the air and the other person sits on them and is catapulted into the air.

The first time we did it, we learned we needed to turn off the ceiling fan before we continued. One of the last times we attempted this stunt, my roommate was projected in the wrong direction and ended up hitting her ankle on the desk.

On another boring Flagler night, when our attention spans had reached their limit, we decided to chuck stuff into our ceiling fan and duck for cover.

We started with amateur things such as M&M’s and rice and then worked our way up to harder things such as pencils and tennis balls. Again, good in theory, not so much in practice.

Sadly, next year we won’t be living together, because I’m moving off campus and she is staying on. I don’t think the distance between us will matter. We will still end up doing things we shouldn’t be doing. They just won’t be on Henry’s enterprise.

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