Embracing our ‘wobbly bits’

As a self-described “curvy” woman, I felt more than a twinge of disgust, followed by a bit of vindication when a coworker sent me this story about a controversy surrounding the British take on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Apparently, this very nice looking model (top photo) was raked over the coals during the competition for having “stocky” legs. While the other model (bottom photo) was praised for her waifish (read: anorexic) figure.

This, in my opinion, is outrageous. Although, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Hunter, a size 12, is a giant in the world of modeling. She is considered a “plus-sized” model. Berglund, whose protruding hip bones could take an eye out, is considered the “ideal.”

When did it become ideal for women to look like 12-year-old boys? I’ll tell you one thing, it didn’t come from the vast majority of men. You ask the average male who they find more attractive and I’ll guarantee you, they’d pick the size 12 Hunter over the size 0 Berglund anyway.

And what does that say about the woman who is a size 0? Frankly it sounds to me like she’s imaginary. “Oh, honey, you’re a size 0. You’re so thin, you don’t even exist.”

I can honestly say I’ve only known two “naturally” thin size 0s in my life. Granted, one was 14 years old and hadn’t quite filled out yet. The other was my mom. She was a size 0 for a brief stint in the early ’90s. Then again, she had stopped eating and was only carrying about 92 lbs on her 5’5″ frame. That, my friends, is called an eating disorder. A model in Brazil recently died from it.

I’m not saying we all have to be obese or even overweight, but to say that a completely beautiful woman (who is well within healthy weight standards) is not worthy of modeling clothes because she doesn’t look enough like a stick is utterly ridiculous. Thankfully, the British TV viewers agree. Hunter ultimately triumphed over her “non-existent” competitor.

The Brits have spoken. Real women are beautiful. Now I’m just waiting for America to catch up. Have you seen those girls on “America’s Next Top Model?” All but one looks to be no bigger than a size 4.

Much like their British counterpart, they keep ridiculing the “fat” girl, Anchal, and making her feel like a second-class citizen. But I think her body is beautiful. Granted I think she got kicked off for her inability to be comfortable with her body. Of course, the skinny minnies who kept criticizing her probably had nothing to do with that.

Let’s hope the next British invasion involves the trend toward loving the real female body. That way millions of American women like me, Anchal and probably even you can flaunt what their mama gave ’em.

Then again, why wait? We’re already beautiful.

Hunter has been quoted in the press saying, “It’s fantastic to know the public prefer a woman with a few wobbly bits over a stick insect.”

Amen sister! Embrace those “wobbly bits.” You know all the men want to. 😉

Some good influence in the world: Dove

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