Anywhere Other Than Home for the Holidays

By Ryan Brower

The end of the semester is finally upon us, and with that comes a whole month off from school. Finally getting home can allow us some time to catch up with old friends, to enjoy the holidays, to maybe make some money, to RELAX, and hopefully surf.

Many of us northeasterners are looking forward to some good surf at home, though it will be a bit chilly. And a lot of us are tired of the cold, hence why we are in Florida. Not really looking forward to the thought of a frigid surf session at home? More and more people are beginning to get out there and go somewhere other than home for the holidays.

Surf trips are a standard in our current surfing world. From the ever popular Costa Rica, to Mexico to Indo to Puerto Rico, surfers are traveling anywhere there’s warmer weather and better surf.

And why shouldn’t we travel and have surf excursions? Getting three sessions a day, thinking about nothing but surfing, and enjoying some notable waves in some amazing places with just a few buddies are just a few of the countless reasons to get out there.

I myself am going to Panama for a week over the winter, and am really looking forward to scoring some first rate surf with just my dad and my best friend, as well as getting to see another country. Plus surf trips can really put things in perspective for anyone, especially if the trip is to a less fortunate area of the world.

Being brought back down to earth and realizing what’s really important in life; it’s not material things, it’s not getting angry over trivial things, and it’s not about competitions. It’s about harmony and peace, having fun, and friends and family.

So wherever you travel to this winter, and I encourage everyone to do so, remember the important things in life, and don’t forget to spend some time at home for the holidays.

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