CD Review: MoZella

I Will

By Megan Dassuncao

Soulful, jazzy female singers are a rarity these days, but MoZella is definitely one that will catch a person’s attention. Her voice is smooth like Norah Jones and as soulful as Natasha Bedingfield. These days most females are not putting out music like this because it doesn’t sell as much as others. However, MoZella’s CD, I Will, will change your mind.

The opening track “You Wanted It” should be hitting the top of the charts. It delivers a bluesy, yet sassy feel, with powerful lyrics any female would be proud to sing out loud. Even at 23, MoZella can belt it out when needed and also slow it down. The diversity in her voice is a talent that few artists possess, which is why she has the potential to go really far in the music industry.

This CD is good to play in the car during a long drive home for the weekend or just even to listen to while doing homework. Her lyrics are motivational and are targeted toward empowering women, especially those who have been heart broken. This is not to say that a guy couldn’t enjoy this music as well because the bottom line is that she is putting out good music, regardless of the words.

People should definitely check out MoZella’s newest CD. Whether you are a girl looking for some inspiration or just someone looking for some good car tunes, this CD will offer both.

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