Is healthy eating a luxury? Locals reveal cheap tips to eating right

By Emily Hoover |

For St. Augustine resident Sarah Alarcon, healthy eating is a luxury.

Because she said she lives on a small budget, and does not have a car, everyday expenses like housing and bill payments often come before eating nutritious meals. As a result, she said she worries about her health.

“My health situation is often terrible,” Alarcon, 21, said. “After I pay my bills, that change is how I get taxis to go to the store to buy food. Sometimes, that leaves me with $30 [for food shopping.]”

Students struggle with debt, cost of living

By Cal Colgan |
Photos by Cal Colgan

Sitting in his bare living room without a couch, Jay Bergstrom said he can’t afford things like furniture until he pays off Flagler College.

Bergstrom withdrew from Flagler during last semester after emotional issues made him decide it would be best to take a break from school and go back home to Michigan.

“When I withdrew, I worked out the student loans and everything and I found out I owe Flagler $1100,” he said.

Unemployed can find daily jobs, charity money

by Jill Houser |

Several St. Johns County residents have traded in their suits and ties for ankle high work boots, hoping to get a job.

“It’s really sad,” Julie Tucker, customer service representative at Labor Ready in St. Augustine, said. “These aren’t homeless men. These are men who lost their jobs as actual business owners.”

Hard-up students should use local stores’ discounts

Many cash-strapped Flagler students might not realize that there are several ways available to save money in St. Augustine. One way to save some green is through student discounts. Several local restaurants, stores and attractions offer discounts that are only available to Flagler College students.

Seniors struggle in job search

By Bailey Latham |

According to the Washington Post, a typical college graduating class has 10 percent of its students graduating without a job or predetermined plan, but last year that number rose to 40 percent. Four Flagler College students weigh in on their job search and plan upon their April 24 graduation.

Alumnus speaks to students about debt

By Ashley Wermick |

Flagler college alumnus Logan Abrams believes that debt is one of the biggest issues facing college students.

Abrams came to St. Augustine to speak to students about this rising problem, which he addresses in his book “Debt U: How Higher Education Breeds a Lifestyle of Debt.” The book looks at college debt from 1999 to 2009 and beyond by using facts, figures and stories of real people who are in or have gotten out of debt.

New Leaf: Save a store while you shop

By Lauren Belcher |


During the holidays, it’s no secret that people tend to spend more money.

Even us poor college kids find ourselves buying gifts for loved ones. This holiday, while you’re spending the money, think about where it’s going – or better, who it could be helping.

Construction cripples merchants on West King

By Emily Hoover |

Present Moment Café and Kulture Hookah Lounge feel the destructive effects of continued construction on West King Street.

“The construction was supposed to benefit the area,” said Yvette Schindler, owner of Present Moment Café, an organic eatery on the street.

“But, if it doesn’t hurry up, there will be no merchants left,” she said. “It should have been finished sooner. In another area, it would have been finished sooner.”