Harley dealer revs up for ‘Hog Rally’

By Jill Houser |

As 4,000 Harley Davidson motorcycles are expected to flood the streets of St. Augustine this month, many small businesses might miss a big economic opportunity.

Allen Good, owner of Harley Davidson of St. Augustine, does not think the city embraced the upcoming Hog Rally as well as they should have.

Tough times no sweat for Sailor Cher

By Jill Houser |
Photo by Jill Houser

Sailor Cher is not afraid of losing her job.

She curses and struts around in a mini skirt and stilettos, proudly displaying the colorful ink all over her body. At age 57, Sailor Cher has such a confident and vivacious personality that is hard not to stare in wonder.

Non-traditional student sweats out first day

Vietnam vet, full-time student Michael T. Isam fights nerves in return to school

By Michael T. Isam |
Photo by Matthew Boyle

Dark o’clock is a term pertaining to the hours between sundown and sunrise. As my eyes flew open milli-seconds after my alarm went off at 4 a.m., I recognized my old friend, dark o’clock. We meet regularly in the confines of my bedroom.

Kulture features local music

By Emily Hoover |

As the economic recession takes its toll on St. Augustine, the local music scene is bouncing back. On Friday, Sept. 11, local band Geny Pigs united with international guitarist Dixie Duncan for a concert at Kulture Hookah Lounge on West King Street.