New Leaf

New Leaf: Chemical-free hair

By Lauren Belcher |
Photos by Lauren Belcher

It has been over one month since I have washed my hair with traditional shampoo and conditioners.

Since starting this no-poo lifestyle, as it is not-so-fondly called, I have eliminated every feature I used to hate about my hair. My hair is not frizzy, it’s not greasy and it’s not dirty. It’s clean, soft, shiny and healthy.

This new lifestyle is cheaper, easier and definitely better for the environment.

New Leaf: eco-friendly tours

By Lindy Almony |

A simple look along Florida coastlines, will prove to be one of the best things our city has to offer.

Kept along 77,000 acres of untouched space and beauty are the most diverse and best kept estuaries in our area. This space, which spans from Jacksonville Beach to the Marineland area, is exactly what attracted Chris Kelley to the area, and inspired him to open Ripple Effect Kayaking Ecotours.

New Leaf: World Vegetarian Day

By Lauren Belcher |
Photos by Gorge Gallardo

This Friday, the Flagler College Dining Hall is going greener than ever. It is hosting its first World Vegetarian Day.

According to Executive Chef of the Dining Hall Keith Atkins, the dining hall will be hosting monthly themes. Thanks to a growing trend and popularity with the new vegetarian station, Oct. 1 will be WVD.

He said the two mobile stations will go “totally all vegetarian.”

New Leaf: SIFE grows greener future with ‘Conservation Cadets’

By Lauren Belcher |
Photos by Lauren Belcher
Video by Lauren Belcher

PHOTO CAPTION: SIFE team member Katherine Baggett speaks to local elementary school children about recycling.

Elementary school children in St. Johns County are learning the importance of recycling and reducing garbage.

Flagler College’s Students in Free Enterprise team organized Conservation Cadets to help teach students to be eco-friendly.


Dear editor,

I would like to add my praise to all the great things already said about Flagler College’s impressive new vegetarian station (“New Leaf: Eco-Friendly Dining Hall,” 19 February). It’s a smart decision when you consider that a survey by Aramark, a leading food-service provider, concluded that nearly a quarter of college students are actively seeking out vegan options when they sit down to eat, for reasons ranging from their own health to environmental concerns—and of course, because of animal suffering.

New Leaf: Eco-friendly dining hall

By Lauren Belcher |
Illustration by Charis Harper

Around mid-January, I got an e-mail about the dining hall introducing a new vegetarian station.

I was excited that the college would make such a big transition, so I decided to check it out. Now, I am an employee of ARAMARK, but I work at Bugg’s Bistro, not the dining hall. I have no prior knowledge of what they do over there, other than my time as a freshman when I lived on campus.

New Leaf: Vegetarian and vegan fast food options

By Lauren Belcher |

Once you make the decision to become vegetarian or vegan, you typically have to eliminate fast food from your diet. But, you don’t have to.

The fast-food chains are finally catching up to the times and providing more options. So whether you are a full-blown vegan, a softhearted vegetarian, a person who wants to reduce their meat intake or anything in between, you now have options. If the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is not an option, you can at least reduce the amount of meat you consume.

New Leaf: Economize your printing

Lauren Belcher |


At Flagler College we get 500 pages per semester worth of printing in the library. Why not make the most out of your pages?

North American academics are among the highest paper wasters in the world, according to e-green tips from Tri-County Community College Library. “If academics in China used as much paper as we do in North America, the world’s rainforest supply would be depleted within a year.”

New Leaf: Save a store while you shop

By Lauren Belcher |


During the holidays, it’s no secret that people tend to spend more money.

Even us poor college kids find ourselves buying gifts for loved ones. This holiday, while you’re spending the money, think about where it’s going – or better, who it could be helping.