Construction cripples merchants on West King

By Emily Hoover |

Present Moment Café and Kulture Hookah Lounge feel the destructive effects of continued construction on West King Street.

“The construction was supposed to benefit the area,” said Yvette Schindler, owner of Present Moment Café, an organic eatery on the street.

“But, if it doesn’t hurry up, there will be no merchants left,” she said. “It should have been finished sooner. In another area, it would have been finished sooner.”

New record label gives home to local artists

By Emily Hoover |
Photo by Josh Weaver

Next to the White Lion bar and grill, in a little blue historic house that used to be a toy store, three music lovers create music for the independent record label The Spot Records.

Founded in April 2009 by local punk rocker Joe Moody, producer Shaun Strong and self-described “numbers cruncher” Stephen Kussmaul, The Spot Records aims to organize local music, promote independence and reach out to artists all over the country.

YiTrinity pushes local music scene to higher level

By Ashley Wermick |

Director of YiTrinity Ray Eme had one mission in mind when he took office: provide St. Augustine with a place to start a music scene. Eme is a Flagler junior who became director December 2008.

YiTrinity is located at Trinity Church on the corner of St. George and King streets. The organization is a ‘music venue with a message.’

CD Review: Daisy Brand New

By Charlie Manno |

Excited does not begin to describe how I felt as I held the new Brand New album in my hands. Completely beside myself with pure joy? Yeah, that’s a little closer. The point is, I’d been waiting for Daisy ever since the last note of The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me finished its last echo around my skull. I sit back before I tear off the cellophane wrapping the CD case and marvel at the maturation of Brand New as a band.

Phi Alpha captures campus attention with ‘Lewis Idol’

By Kerry Takach |

Lewis House’s balcony and the surrounding area crowded up for an unusual reason on Sept. 16 – Phi Alpha Omega’s “Lewis Idol.”

“Lewis Idol” was part of Phi Alpha’s spirit week, which led up to an interview day required for membership in the service organization. The interview day is the final step in member selection.

Kulture features local music

By Emily Hoover |

As the economic recession takes its toll on St. Augustine, the local music scene is bouncing back. On Friday, Sept. 11, local band Geny Pigs united with international guitarist Dixie Duncan for a concert at Kulture Hookah Lounge on West King Street.