Persistence behind the puzzle

“Can you solve it?” That was the first thing everyone was saying to me when they saw me in Bailey Lounge playing with one of my newest twisty puzzles. A lot of people referred to it as a Rubik’s cube, but it was actually a 6x6x6, which means it was significantly larger than a standard Rubik’s cube.

The Balancing Act

Dealing with Stress in the Middle of College Chaos

By Caroline Young |
Photo by Ashley Muller

Sophomore PJ Mistry strives to relieve stress in the midst of her busy lifestyle.

She is a double major in business administration and accounting, as well as a project coordinator in Flagler College Students in Free Enterprise.

Mistry calls her priorities a “four tier balance” system, which includes her family, friends, school and herself.

Finding the Meadow

By Lauren Belcher |

Less than a year ago, I went on a journey.

It was five days of intense therapy called Hero’s Journey.

I was told to have someone drop me off at a hotel that was about 15 minutes away from my home in West Palm Beach. Pack five days worth of clothing and leave all electronics at home. No cell phone, no laptop. These days were to be spent with no distractions so you can only spend time with you and your thoughts.