FCTV News: Aphasia

By Austin Sanchez | Over 200,000 Americans suffer from aphasia, a condition which makes communicating following a stroke extremely difficult. Aphasia awareness activist, Tom Broussard, explains the condition with the help of a currently affected family.

A Taco Too Far: How Four Days of Taco Bell Made Me Feel

It was a simple goal. All I had to do was eat nothing but Taco Bell for an entire week. The final objective would be to race the 1500 at the University of Tampa at the end of the week and see how my time and place compared to the past week’s race and regular diet.

Why I dive: Reclaiming food’s value and joy

It’s hard to see the value in food when you walk past aisles and aisles of it. The overwhelming volume of boxed, canned and processed items strip food of its value. There is more than one reason that local farmer’s markets, community gardens, heirloom fruits and vegetables and seasonal foods have gained in popularity. Meeting your food in this way creates a connection. It adds value that is lost in the industrial, consumerist agricultural system.

On the other side of the weight-loss bun

By Katy Stang |

I remember the day my mother came home furious, with my sister in tow. I had never seen her that mad, and after sending both my sister and me to our room, I found out why. My sister had been caught shoplifting. The manager at the supermarket had told my mom that if she had not been with my sister, she would have been arrested.

However, what piqued my interest was what she was caught trying to steal: ex-lax.

Juicing craze hits St. Augustine

By Allison Dickey |

Raw fruits and vegetables like kale, beets and spinach are not the typical foods associated with a college diet like a large cheese pizza and a double shot of espresso but juicing has recently become extremely popular around the nation – and in St. Augustine too.

Is your house making you sick?

Aside from the occasional asthma, Flagler student Corey Christian, 22, is in perfectly good health. So it came as a surprise when he found it harder and harder to breathe, even in his own home.

“When I was just laying in my bed and I’d have the window open and like a fan on me, just trying to get some air and I was out of breath” he said “I couldn’t stop coughing, I would actually vomit from how much I was coughing.”