The Faces of Feminism

By Gracie Stackhouse | gargoyle@flagler.edu Alyssa Menard, 22 “I think feminism is a widely misunderstood issue. I think like any political debate there are those who are radical and those who are trying to implement real change and raise awareness. I think if you claim…

Why I’m a “bad feminist”

Recently, a man commented on photos taken of me for a local company’s website. While I usually never have problems on social media, his comments were negative and discriminatory. Though I was wearing a tank top and a pair of jean shorts, he told me the pictures were “rather revealing for a so called “feminist.”

Why we still need feminism

“So are you like, a feminist or something?” The question hangs in the air, opinions forming as I hesitate to answer. I can’t exactly pinpoint when feminism became a dirty word, but today’s connotation is fueled by misconceptions and lack of education.

Flagler and feminism

By Kristyn Pankiw | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler College is moving in a new direction. In recent years, many liberal arts colleges have introduced women’s studies programs into their curriculum, and Flagler is finally catching up. This spring, a group of students, faculty and staff organized a series of events for Women’s History Month, and rumor has it the college may implement a women’s studies minor next year — a big and important step in the college’s history.