Plastic Bans and Their Societal Effects

By Alena Burns | gargoyle@flagler.edu The Kookaburra uses hay straws to combat the ban, while Starbucks offers reusable cups. When a video of a turtle choking on a plastic straw went viral in June of 2018, people started to take action. Single-use plastic has been…

FCTV News: Solar City

By Austin Sanchez | gargoyle@flagler.edu A small South Florida community has developed a blueprint for sustainable living. Babcock Ranch president and residents detail what makes the first solar powered city in America unique.

Why I dive: Reclaiming food’s value and joy

It’s hard to see the value in food when you walk past aisles and aisles of it. The overwhelming volume of boxed, canned and processed items strip food of its value. There is more than one reason that local farmer’s markets, community gardens, heirloom fruits and vegetables and seasonal foods have gained in popularity. Meeting your food in this way creates a connection. It adds value that is lost in the industrial, consumerist agricultural system.