Containers for a Cause

Setting it Straight: Containers for a Cause

Setting it Straight is a radio talk show on Flagler College Radio WFCF, 88.5 FM Radio With a Reason. Every week, two Communication students, Lauren Belcher and Kelly Gibbs, bring in a local resident and discuss important issues in St. Augustine. The show airs every Thursday morning at 7:30.

This episode we spoke with Flagler SIFE adviser Donna DeLorenzo about the “Containers for a Cause” project, which is geared to help with the homeless problem in St. Augustine, as well as create jobs for work release prisoners.

SIFE Blog: Project Update

By Neil Boyle |

Containers for a Cause
Containers for a Cause is one of our newer projects, started last semester, it is one of our largest and fastest growing. Containers for a Cause takes used shipping containers and transforms them into low income housing.

SIFE Blog: Summer Project Update

By Victoria Van Arnam | Shelia Acharya working with a Nepalese woman in a language lab. This month Flagler SIFE has been busy working on the Suruwat Refugee program and Containers for a Cause. Sheila and Barry finished the script for the second Suruwat…

SIFE Blog: TEDx Creative Coast

By Victoria Van Arnam | Counter Clockwise, Victoria Van Arnam, and Renée Chiaverini pose with the Loci Design interns Walter Woods and Clayton Dodd in front of the TEDx sign. On Friday, Flagler SIFE and Loci Design exhibited at the TEDx sponsored by Creative…

SIFE Blog: Containers for a Cause Update

By Renée Chiaverini | Photo of Joe King opening our container Our Containers for a Cause project is moving along rapidly. We already have a container, which will be transformed into our first home shortly in the St. Augustine Record’s front yard. We are…