Finding direction, passion through internships

Waking up at 3 a.m. should never be on top of anyone’s to-do list—and neither should being enrolled in 18 credit hours. However, as an intern for WJXT-Channel 4 news, a student at Flagler College, part-time waitress and the social media editor for The Gargoyle, my priorities were everywhere.

Flagler College Students Read Yik Yaks

Yik yak, an “anonymous social wall for anything and everything” is gaining traction not only amongst Flagler College students, but across the nation. While an anonymous social outlet can definitely lead to hilarious outcomes, an astounding amount of posts negatively target others. Take a step…

Top 10 Dorm Essentials

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a rising senior, living in the residence halls can be a rewarding experience. Living on campus means you’re closer to Flagler events (hello, free massages and discount clothing from Flagler Legacy!). You also don’t have to juggle monthly bills, which…

Where do you fit in at Flagler?

The concept of “fitting in” at college has always been tricky. Whether you’re a member of the mock trial team, an athlete, a worker, an Student Government Association member, a rebel or something in between, you fit it at Flagler because you go to Flagler.

Why I Thrift

  From her wardrobe to her room decor, Heather Seidel sees thrifting as a treasure hunt. Watch and learn why she won’t spend more than $10 for anything, even on Juicy Couture and Fossil.     Like what you see? Check out my other finds on…