Vet finds strength in numbers at college

By Tiffanie Reynolds |

Sitting in class, Adam Bagby watches a video about counterterrorism and Iraq projected at the front of the room. He hears gunshots and suddenly he’s there, following wires up the stairs of an abandoned building to a box at the top. Gently removing rubble around it, he finds that it is packed with C-4 explosives.

Everything’s OK … or at least it’s gonna’ be

By Victoria Hardina |

In one week I will be a senior at Flagler College. To be specific, I will be 18 and a senior at Flagler College. Usually I get mixed reactions when I tell people this. Most are surprised, many are in awe, but lately the response I get the most is ‘you are crazy!’

I’m starting to think they’re right.

College had its highs and lows

By Christine Valentine |

I am graduating this December. After almost 20 years of homework and tests, it will all be over. Just like that. Just over four years in college and I will be walking away from campus for the last time on December 11, 2010. Honestly, I never imagined this day would actually come. Especially when you take into consideration what a terrible student I was as a college freshman. I mean, I was a good student. I didn’t talk in class and I paid attention, or at least pretended too. But, I never studied. I would come home and take a nap or waste time watching TV or playing Peggle.