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Students stay at home, despite claims of economic recovery

America’s economy hit a major downturn in 2008. The housing bubble crises left Americans in economic turmoil, leaving many individuals financially destitute. Many questions have developed concerning the recovery rate. If the economy is recovering, as the media suggests, why are so many college students…

ObamaCare and college students

By Hannah Bleau |

The world notoriously stereotypes college students as sedentary. Life consists of sleeping in, eating pizza and free doughnuts, wasting money, and half-caring about school. But this stereotype isn’t always true. Many students are faced with many obstacles that they need to overcome, and by no doubt, need all the help they can get. One of the biggest obstacles has been health care, and many college students are wondering about this big question: Is ObamaCare going to hurt or help college students?

Abusing Adderall considered cheating, some say

By Kylynn Pelkey |

For one Flagler senior, keeping a 3.0 GPA for the past four years has been tough but rewarding. This particular student, who prefers to remain anonymous, said even though he works hard for his good grades, he has used the drug Adderall to help him study every once in a while.

“With Adderall if you’re studying, it honestly just makes you focus completely,” the senior said.

Adderall has earned the nickname “Easy A” because it helps students to study harder, focus more, and in turn, earn better grades. Yet the problem of Adderall abuse on college campuses all over the nation is growing. Studies show that college students are twice as likely to abuse stimulant drugs, such as Adderall, as opposed to students not attending college at all.

Study: Oral cancers on rise due to HPV

By Ryan Buffa |

Many Flagler College students are reconsidering human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines due to the growing number of head and neck cancers in the United States caused by the HPV virus.

According to a new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the number of cases of oropharyngeal cancer, which are cancers of the tonsils, throat and base of the tongue, have been rising since the mid-1980s.

“I got all three shots because I was influenced by my doctor and my mom because it seemed like a good way to protect myself,” said student Courtney Fusilier. “I think people should get it if they don’t want to die from those types of cancer.”

The causes of oral cancers function within two categories: cancer caused by tobacco and alcohol and cancer caused by the sexually transmitted virus, HPV, researchers said.

Facing depression in college

By Gena Anderson |

Depression. The word itself has this impenetrable weight to it. Depression is something that happens to you, but we don’t look at it that way do we?

Depressed. We see it as an adjective. Mary Lou doesn’t “have depression;” she “is depressed.” By seeing it that way we remove the right of the afflicted to be afflicted, at least– I always did.

Speeding Through Life

By Eliza Jordan |

He slowed his voice down and commanded my attention.

“Eliza,” he said, “exactly how many many head traumas have you had?”

I tried to calm my fidgety foot and thought about all of the other things that were pre-occupying my racing mind.

“2.” I said, “well, 8.” I corrected my sloppy thoughts with a simple math equation.