Flagler professor safe, waiting to be evacuated

By Glenn Judah

Bariaa Shatila, Flagler College Math, Science, and Technology Department chair, is back in her home in Beirut, Lebanon, after evacuating to an U.S. Embassy when Israel bombed the Rafic Hariri airport in Beirut.

According to her husband, Imad Shatila, she and her two sons are safe.

Flagler professor stranded in Lebanon

By Glenn Judah

Bariaa Shatila, Flagler College Math, Science, and Technology Department chair, was stranded in Beirut, Lebanon with her two sons visiting family when Israel fired missiles last Wednesday on the country’s only airport.

Going to the chapel and I’m the only one not getting married

Everyone I work with is either getting married or having kids. And I mean everyone. (Just work with me here. I’m exaggerating for dramatic effect.)

Seriously though, in the last three weeks, no less than three couples have gotten hitched and more are planning to tie the knot yet this year.

Summertime Blues

Summer has always been thought of as the surfer’s season. The Endless Summer exemplifies this “falsehood” quite well. Warmer waters, sure who doesn’t love that? No school, a no brainer! And don’t get me started on the girls in bikinis. But these wonderful things that epitomize summer are missing one thing, WAVES!

Waves on the east coast in the summer are usually missing in action. In the summer we have the warm water our chilled bones have been craving all winter long, but we don’t have the waves that our hearts’ desire. So what is a surfer to do if there are no waves?


So I finished my second official 5K yesterday. (Yep, I said second.) That’s 3.1 miles to those of you who, like me, wonder why runners insist on using the metric system. The beauty of it is not so much my finish time, which is mediocre at best, but the fact that I shaved almost four minutes off my finish time from the first one I did back in May.

Flagler introduces new parking policy

From Staff
Graphic by Carina Hayes

In an effort to alleviate some of the parking issues on and around campus, Flagler College will institute a new parking policy beginning with the fall 2006 semester which will include an option for students to purchase a decal for the new city parking garage on Castillo Drive.

What’s so great about Florida anyway?

So, it’s roughly 6,000º F outside and the humidity is 900 percent. What I use to call skin is now a layer of goo about a quarter of an inch thick that is slowly melting away. And I have taken on the unmistakable look of someone who lives under a bridge with my hair in a matted mess on top of my head.

No more waiting for refunds

By Glenn Judah

Starting Fall semester 2006, students will no longer have to wait in line at the Business Office to pick-up their financial aid refund checks.