Former Saints take Oregon trail in hoops

By Melanie Kirby The past few years, two all-Americans have emerged from Flagler men’s basketball. It is no coincidence that both have come out of the program in the past five years and are currently playing on the same minor-professional team.

Sports Shorts

Intramural sports update Jessica Echterling Currently, teams are being put together for the intramural volleyball tournament and at the conclusion of the Flag football, the floor hockey and basketball intramural seasons will begin. Intramural tennis tournaments are being held monthly as well.

Meyer says recruiting should be easier with move to NCAA

By Meghan Hubbell Flagler women’s soccer coach, Teddy Meyer, has the task of recruiting for next year’s season. Meyer is a new addition to the Flagler staff, but he is not new to the school. He is a 2000 graduate who played four years on…

Cheerleaders and dancers patch up their differences

Teams work together to promote school spirit By Andrew Bernius Long have cheerleaders and dancers competed for crowd attention at athletic events. This was the case at Flagler College until very recently. “A school with a cheerleading and dance team is a school with drama,”…