The Balancing Act

Dealing with Stress in the Middle of College Chaos

By Caroline Young | cyoung1@flagler.edu
Photo by Ashley Muller

Sophomore PJ Mistry strives to relieve stress in the midst of her busy lifestyle.

She is a double major in business administration and accounting, as well as a project coordinator in Flagler College Students in Free Enterprise.

Mistry calls her priorities a “four tier balance” system, which includes her family, friends, school and herself.

SIFE Blog: Summer Project Update

By Victoria Van Arnam | SIFEMedia@flagler.edu Shelia Acharya working with a Nepalese woman in a language lab. This month Flagler SIFE has been busy working on the Suruwat Refugee program and Containers for a Cause. Sheila and Barry finished the script for the second Suruwat…

Health Care 101: What you may not know about Health Care Reform

By Gargoyle Staff | gargoyle@flagler.edu
Photo Illustration by Gena Anderson

With the Health Care Reform circus going on in Washington, we decided to find what matters to Flagler College students and the greater St. Augustine community.

The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was passed by Congress and signed by the President. Like it or not, the bill will effect you and you need to know about it’s components.

We delved into the rumors and determined what’s true and what’s false. This is Health Care 101: What you may not know about Health Care Reform.

Drugs, violence wear down order in Mexico

By Matthew Boyle | mboyle@flagler.edu
Photos by Matthew Boyle

PHOTO CAPTION: Alfredo Corchado speaks at Flagler’s Communication Week. Angela Kocherga, Border Bureau Chief of television network Belo, stands with him.

Dallas Morning News Foreign Correspondent Alfredo Corchado thinks Americans need to invest more interest in helping Mexico battle drug cartels.

Only a few days before Corchado’s scheduled Monday speech at Flagler College’s Communication Week, a group of high-profile federal officials led by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced a trip to Mexico City to pledge more U.S. support in the fight against drug cartels.