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Old City Trends:

Sunglass Statement By Michaela McNamara Calling all space cadets and astronauts! The sunglasses in the Oldest City are bigger than ever, for both men and women. Are we shielding our eyes from ultraviolet sun rays, or just trying to outdo other trendsters with the largest,…

Art building renovation set to begin

By Nick Massie Photo by Andrea Huls With in the next few weeks, those on the Flagler campus will be noticing a lot of construction and remodeling going on. Aside from the new Student Center, renovations for the art building are scheduled to begin this…

Gypsy Cab Co. has something for everyone

By Chelsea Parker When I came to St. Augustine to go to Flagler, I knew I wasn’t moving to the most metro area. What I didn’t realize was that “downtown” meant shell shops, chocolate fudge and tourist traps. Even though I’m not from a big…

Preserving a tradition

By Heather N. Smith From the camera he uses to capture his surroundings to the way he sees the world, Ken Barrett is a traditionalist in every sense. Barrett, a visiting instuctor of photography, preserves all that surrounds him with black and white tones.

Shutterbug Love

Flagler tennis player Jutronic opens photograpy show at local gallery

By Cassaundra Seeley

Mario Jutronic is not your average artist. He doesn’t spend hours toiling in the studio; he spends them on the tennis court. He isn’t worried about his senior portfolio show; he’s worried about his business capstone class. To Jutronic, 21, art isn’t something he’s pursuing, but it is something he’s good at.