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When compliments attack

Clothing on sale!

A man can go days without uttering a word. Sit two guys in an empty room for a week and grunts, farts and hand gestures will satisfy any necessity for communication. I once drove from Eglin AFB, Fla., to Washington, D.C., with another guy and the only words exchanged in that 13-hour trip went like this:


I had a thought-provoking piece on religion and its inevitable path to obscurity but, it seems that the mini-Mac I saved the document on (along with everything else I have developed since last June) crashed and burned and apparently has little chance of recovery. So, I thought I would share a few things that I find interesting.

Da Vinci goading and a formula for trouble

The Da Vinci Goad

Nothing will send a novel to the top of the best seller list faster than a controversy. Tell the masses not to buy a book and they will immediately wipe out the inventory of every major bookseller outlet. So I am sure nothing made The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown more happy than when he read the latest criticism of his novel on the news wire:

Of Pies and Parking

Florida’s Official Pie
Fierce debate broke out in the Florida House this week over… Pie!

Yes, I said pie.

The circular pastries, which have become synonymous with Southern dining, took over the State Congress forcing representatives to choose which cuisine would reign supreme! Pecan pie? Nah, too Georgia-ish.