Sister Cindy Pays a Visit to Flagler College

By Gabby Alfveby

February 9, 2023 TikTok sensation and preacher Sister Cindy visited Flagler College.

As of writing, Sister Cindy has built a following of 419.4K on TikTok and 17K on Instagram. Gen Z is infatuated with her because of her catchphrases like “Ho No Mo” and selfies.

Sister Cindy stirred up the large crowd of Flagler Students with her religious viewpoints and perspectives as she shouted out “Welcome to Sister Cindy’s Slut Shaming Show.”

Cindy Mock, also known as “Sister Cindy,” has been traveling around the country to college campuses and preaching to students for a few decades now. Sister Cindy’s radical views and preaching includes “slut shaming” and other cruel words. In the past, her offensive speeches also included homophobic and racist comments.

Photographed by Kathryn Hennessy

She was inspired to speak by George Smock, better known as “Brother Jed,” who she later married, when she first encountered him as a junior at the University of Florida. Jed passed away in early June of 2022, but Sister Cindy continues to preach to college students.

Her aggressive preaching style singles individuals out in a crowd calling them things like “porno freaks” and “fornicators.” Many students become upset when she speaks on their campus and shouting matches and uproar often emerge amongst crowds.

Flagler students seemed to be entertained by her preaching. Some were laughing, cheering, chanting “ho no mo” and even engaged in conversation with Sister Cindy. Others seemed to have mixed opinions on her visit to their campus.

Sister Cindy preaching to the crowd. Photographed by Kathryn Hennessy

As I watched the crowd react to and interact with Sister Cindy I saw students directly approach her. One girl even walked up to her and asked her if she would sign any intimate body parts. Sister Cindy was disappointed and even responded to the girl with, “You are way better than this. I am not signing any body parts.” The crowd began to chant, “sign her ****.”

Alicia Perez, a junior at Flagler College, said that there were people who were upset by Sister Cindy’s speeches.

“I know there was a lot of religious students who were upset, which is understandable. I work closely with one of the theater teachers because I’m a work grant for her and she was really upset by it.”

Photographed by Spencer Hooker

Elaina Wahl-Temple, a resident costume designer and adjunct professor was unimpressed with Sister Cindy’s visit.

“I find her incredibly problematic. Basically, the students were all talking about the fact that she’s so funny and so forth,” she said, “but by going and listening to her you’re giving her an audience and you’re feeding into her. She’s not going to differentiate whether or not you’re laughing at her or with her.”

Wahl-Temple also doesn’t like how she represents Christianity.

“I think that what she’s preaching is hate couched in the word of the Lord. I was raised a Christian and I had no problem with Christianity. I think it is a beautiful religion, but I think what she’s doing to it is a bastardization and it really really upsets me.”

Wahl-Temple discussed how students say Sister Cindy really believes in the strength of women.

“If she [Sister Cindy] really believed in the strength of women, she would say, stay in school, get an education, protect yourself and be smart. She wouldn’t say be a ‘ho no mo’.”

She also criticized the college in her speeches by calling students and faculty “the masters of self deception” and inferring that her presence is more important than going to classes where the professors are “hoes.” She said, “You’re not going to class because Sister Cindy is here.”

Sister Cindy signing one of her bibles. Photographed by Gabby Alfveby

Sister Cindy was also interactive and handed out memorabilia such as Bibles and pins that stated “Ho No Mo” and “Never a Ho” in exchange for answering a Biblical question correctly.

Dasha Linna, a sophomore student at Flagler College enjoyed Sister Cindy’s visit.

“I think it’s hilarious. It’s just like a meme kind of. Like this is obviously a very liberal college and for her to show up here. It’s just kind of hilarious. “

Sister Cindy writing down the ten commandments as a student recites them. Photographed by Gabby Alfveby

When asked about whether or not she wanted Sister Cindy to return, Linna had strong reservations.

“Maybe, I don’t know, probably not just because she caused an uproar and people are skipping class for this. No, I wouldn’t want to see her back.”

Linna also obtained a pin but not how other students received them.

“I wasn’t given the pin. I stole the pin. I just took it and ran but I just wanted the pin just because of the meme factor of it.”

Sister Cindy promotes her memorabilia to the crowd. Photographed by Gabby Alfveby

Flagler student Laurel Plexico also joined the crowd along with her friend Leeda Clark to listen to Sister Cindy preach.

“She’s very interesting. I’m more here for the entertainment of it but I’m not going to tell her that. She knows how to work a crowd.” Plexico said. 

“I don’t agree with most of the things she’s saying but it’s very entertaining and I feel she’s a very good entertainer. She knows what she’s doing” Clark said.

The crowd trying to convince Sister Cindy that they should receive a “ho no mo” pin. Photographed by Kathryn Hennessy

Plexico and Clark also received pins from Sister Cindy after vowing to remain celibate.

Clark wanted the pin, “because she’s like TikTok famous.”

“It’s just because she’s so well known, it’s a funny thing to be like ‘oh yeah I met her and got a pin from her’,” Plexico said. 

Clark was in shock that someone who is a religious preacher spoke the way Sister Cindy did.

“She uses a lot of modern references. I’ve never met a priest or church person who says, ‘Ho No Mo’,” Clark said.

Adrian Abercrombie after reciting the ten commandments to get a “Ho No Mo” Bible. Photographed by Gabby Alfveby

Adrian Abercrombie, a freshman attending Flagler College received a free “Ho No Mo” bible from Sister Cindy after reciting the ten commandments. 

“I got nervous, I’m not going to lie. I lost count of like four of them but she helped me out, so we are chilling,” Abercrombie said.

Abercrombie was raised Catholic, but didn’t enjoy it, so he went to a Christian church instead. He tries to go to church when he can but doesn’t go often anymore.

Abercrombie was excited to have Sister Cindy visit Flagler College.

“Honestly, she’s just kind of a social media icon to be honest and for her to be on our campus is kind of like a blessing,” Abercrombie said.

Sister Cindy came to Flagler College because she “got quite a few invites [from students] to come here,” she said.

I had the chance to speak to Sister Cindy after her preaching session which lasted four hours. I got the impression that she was in a rush and she didn’t really care to talk to me or be interviewed at all. She would speak to other people while answering questions, and even began packing up her belongings and started to walk away as I was talking to her.

Sister Cindy said she was inspired to start coming to schools not only because of Brother Jed but because of her strong religious beliefs.

“Well, the gospel. Students need to hear the gospel, they need a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Jesus said go into all world and share the gospel with everyone. He that believes and is baptized shall be saved. He that believes don’t shut me down,” Sister Cindy said.

Sister Cindy leads a prayer to end her preaching. Photographed Gabby Alfveby

Sister Cindy loves speaking to students and has even gone to as many as 6 college campuses in one week she said.

“But usually now I go to campus three times a week,” she said.

Even with Sister Cindy’s busy schedule she still enjoys eating at Panera, spending time with her family, and swimming.  

Photographed by Gabby Alfveby

“I love to read of course. I really love to work and I love my grandkids, but I don’t count any of that as a hobby. I don’t know if I have hobbies. I’m pretty busy. I like to swim. I love to swim,” she said.

Sister Cindy’s visit to Flagler College was interesting and unforgettable. She will continue to visit campuses all around the nation, preaching and spreading her viral “Ho No Mo Revolution”.

“Sister Cindy loves you Flagler students. Jesus loves you more. Repent of your sins. Follow Jesus and be a Ho No Mo,” she said.

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