100 Pounds Later…

By Gabby Alfveby

Losing over 100 pounds in one year is unimaginable to most people but not to one particular man.

A college dropout found himself going down the wrong path until working out became a healthy outlet to manage his emotions.

York’s six-month transformation. Photograph Courtesy of Koston York

Koston York, a former Flagler College lacrosse player was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but moved to his hometown of Apopka, Florida at a young age.

York’s journey started while he was still attending Flagler College. York wasn’t making the right choices while he was enrolled here. 

“As you know, I was partying, drinking, doing everything and I didn’t even realize in the moment what was going on,” York said.

York was so caught up in partying that he lost himself.

York hit a point in his life where he came to a realization that changed his life.

“All of a sudden one day at the end of the second semester, I looked myself in the mirror and I was like what the [F-word] happened and I didn’t even recognize myself,” York said.

York was acting the way he was in response to his stepmother taking her own life.

“I was using those other things as an outlet to get rid of those feelings that I was having,” York said.

York had a choice to make. He could continue down the path he was going toward or do something positive to cope with his losses.

York always thought that the stereotypical idea that ‘going to the gym will make you feel better’ wasn’t necessarily true. As soon as he returned home at the end of his Freshman year at Flagler College during 2020-2021, he began going to the gym immediately. 

Photographed by Kyle Easter

York’s journey blossomed from here. He didn’t have anyone showing up for him each day so he had to find the motivation to go to the gym and accomplish his goals by himself.

York cherishes the mistakes he made in the past because they have allowed him to grow as a person and live a happy and healthier lifestyle. 

Photograph Courtesy of Koston York

The only regret York has is how he treated the people around him before he began going to the gym.

Working out has allowed York to gain confidence and self-love.

York even competed in his first body builder show. He placed 3rd  in the competition and enjoyed it even though the preparation was difficult.

York found a love for the sport and plans on competing in another show in the future.

York advises that to accomplish fitness goals you should create a routine.

“I would say the first thing is to build a routine, right? Build discipline and my biggest thing is I always say discipline over motivation,” York said.

York didn’t even enjoy going to the gym when he first started working out.

“For the first three to six months, I woke up every day and dreaded going to the gym. I did not want to go. I hated it more than anything. It hurt, I was sore, I didn’t want to eat chicken and rice again. I didn’t want to go to bed early,” York said, “but every single day I woke up and got it done”.

York hasn’t completed his journey yet and will continue to work towards new goals.

“I’m a firm believer in if you want something bad enough, you’re going to go get it…

Photograph Courtesy of Koston York
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