Checking out the St. Augustine Farmers Market

By Sofie Williams |

Saturday morning, bright and early, a close friend and I decided to check out the St. Augustine Farmers Market (what a bunch of freshmen, right?) We had heard few, but nonetheless, great reviews from a few classmates about this farmer’s market and decided we needed to check it out for ourselves.

This market has been running with the help of the community for over 20 years. It continues to bring the community together through its vendors and visitors. It also showcases the amphitheater, which hosts artists of all kinds. There was a booth which held more information on future artists as well as the night market which will resume March 12 and run every second and fourth Tuesday evening until October. You could also purchase t-shirts and hear about future concerts at their ticket booth.

The St. Augustine Farmers Market is located at the Amphitheatre on A1A, which makes for an easy drive for students and it runs nearly every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. My friend and I decided to start bright and early with a quick trip to see the sunrise at the beach, unfortunately it was a little foggy, so we drove over and picked up some breakfast and coffee on the way to the market.

Parking and admission is free (yes!) and there is plenty of it, but be sure to get there bright and early to get a good one. After finding a spot, we spent our time walking down the strip which held enticing vendors on the left and right. There was a fresh fruit vendor which we were quick to check out and we left with a couple bags of sweet strawberries. We spent over an hour just visiting each vendor and talking with the owners. Everyone was in great spirits as the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.

Vendors of all kinds where there promoting and meeting locals and tourists alike. Anything from honey to fruits and veggies, to clothes and soaps, to flowers and fresh bakeries, to shark teeth necklaces, and wood carvings. I now understand why it runs for four hours, because there is so much to view and enjoy.

It was difficult to not purchase every little thing we saw, especially little necklaces and bracelets which could be personally handmade for whatever design. The food stands which served everything from iced coffees to kombucha along with tamales to a pickle and olive self-serving vendor. There were vendors which sold fresh bread and bakery items like muffins and chocolate chip cookies. The smells were so delicious.

My favorite vendor was a little vintage, white truck which held fresh colored flowers in its trunk called Feather and Bloom. The flowers were beautiful, making it a great backdrop for those seeking to take a few photos at the market. The owner was kind enough to let me take a quick picture of his truck.

The experience lived up to my expectations and is worthy of the high praise which I heard from previous market-goers. I encourage everyone to check it out at least once. Everyone enjoyed themselves and you can walk away with some pretty unique items.

Every Saturday, there are chances of new vendors and items for purchase. Come check it out and support the St. Augustine Community. Make sure to follow them on Instagram for more information and check out the website for further details.

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