British Dark Comedy “Progress” coming to Flagler College Auditorium

Lewis Auditorium

The Flagler College Theatre Arts Department is bringing “Progress” to the main stage this week. Directed by Britton Corry, “Progress” is a dark comedy set in London as it follows a group of characters that explore sexuality and what it means to be an adult.

“The play is a dark comedy and it’s British and written by an English playwright named Doug Lucie. It takes place in 1983 in London and is called “Progress” and it is a critical look at progressive ideals especially in terms of relationships between men and women” Corry said.

The set of Progress.
Photo by Jared Talbot

Corry has been a part of Flagler College theatre for 24 years now and considers himself “jack-of-all-trades” due to his experience within several aspects theatre. “In the time I’ve been here I have taught a number of different courses such as acting, children’s theater, lighting design, scene design, technical theatre, combat for the stage as well as directed and acted,” he said.

When he asked why he chose this show, in particular, he stated, “this show was one I worked on many moons ago in New York and I saw the show and never forgot it. It’s one I always wanted to do.”

Although Corry does a bit of everything within the theater department and has always had a passion for theater in general, teaching students is at the heart as to why he loves what he does.

Poster for Progress.
Photo by Jared Talbot

“A student a while back asked me why I “liked doing what I do?” I looked at her and told her that I like teaching you and I like seeing the lights come on when you figure something out and I’ve been instrumental in helping you achieve that. It can be a lot of long hours and can be frustrating at times but just like in shop class when you have people who cant drill a hole because a drill is in reverse but then they figure that out and leave the class with a new skill. That’s really what makes this job fun and rewarding” he said.

Progress opens at 7:30 on March 7 and goes through March 11. The play will be performed at the Lewis Auditorium.

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