Peace, love and tacos: A chat with the griller

By Eva Shinavski |

Flagler College student Liz Browning was one of the many looking forward to National Taco Day on Oct. 4.

“It’s the perfect excuse to go to the Burrito Works Taco Shop,” Browning said.

Unlike Browning, Dylan Gunn doesn’t need an excuse to go to Taco Shop. He’s been working behind the grill there for more than year. Gunn can be found making tacos five to six days a week.

“Every day is National Taco Day when you work at the Taco Shop,” Gunn said.

Gunn said there is no better place to work. He said his favorite aspect about the job is the fun, laid-back and artsy atmosphere. The employees even get to decide the music played during their shift, Gunn said. He said the most entertaining time to work is after midnight on weekends.

“Since we are one of the only food places open after midnight, all of the drunks come in for a late-night snack,” Gunn said.

Gunn said the Taco Shop’s signature item is hands down the UFO. He said the UFO consists of a hard shell wrapped in a soft tortilla which is then stuffed with the freshest ingredients and grilled like a quesadilla.

“You can get tacos and burritos anywhere but the UFOs are ours,” Gunn said.

On Tuesday nights, Flagler College students can get a UFO for only $7 when they show their school ID.

Gunn said the UFO even appeared on the Cooking Channel. “Junk Food Flip” hosts Bobby Deen and Nicolette Dinki are known for taking popular foods and recreating them in a healthier way. Judges then decide if the healthier version taste just as good as the original. Gunn said the judges decided that the original UFO blew the healthier version out of the water.

The Taco Shop currently has four locations: two in St. Augustine, one in Palm Coast and another in Flagler Beach. Gunn said there has been talk about expanding to Jacksonville and Daytona Beach in the future.

Gunn said he is proud to work at the Burrito Works Taco Shop: he never dreads going to work and he enjoys sharing his love for tacos.

“My whole house smells like tacos,” Gunn said.

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