Top 10 Realizations After Wearing Heels For A Day

By Jordan Puyear |

  1. If you are not used to wearing heels, then you will look like a baby bird trying to fly for the first time.

-You continuously hold your hands out to keep yourself balanced, you just don’t look coordinated, and you see other girls in heels and give them mad props.

  1. Stairs are A CHALLENGE.

-I thought I was uncoordinated before, but I didn’t realize the struggle of going up and down stairs in heels. Hand rails will become your best friend.

  1. You walk ten times slower than your usual pace.

-I was terrified to take long steps, so my stride was extremely short. Instead of getting to class in my usual 5 minutes, it took more like 15 with heels on.

  1. When the ground is wet, you will slip.

-Within the first five minutes of me putting on the heels, I went to the dining hall, and immediately slipped on a wet spot. Unfortunately, it was in the morning, when everybody was at the dining hall. Not the best way to start my morning. Yeah, that really did happen!

  1. Living in a place where all the streets are brick and uneven is your worst nightmare.

-I found my neck hurting at the end of the day because all I did was look at the ground to make sure I didn’t trip and fall…AGAIN!

  1. Don’t walk into a quiet area with heels on, it will be loud, and people will stare.

-Unfortunately, I had to go the library a few times throughout my day, and making a loud noise with each step will attract attention when people are trying to focus on their studies.

  1. If you are not used to wearing heels, then you can’t wait to take them off.

-Ripping those heels off was one of the most satisfying things to do after a long day. Your slippers start to look like the Holy Grail when you’re done for the day.

  1. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel that much more feminine.

-My initial thought was that if I wear heels, I will look and feel more like a lady, but because I was so uncoordinated, I felt more uncomfortable. When you are not comfortable, your confidence goes down, and it shows.

  1. The toilet is much farther away then you are used to.

-Enough said.

  1. After all of these issues, would I wear the heels again? Heck yeah!

-Yeah sure, I fell down, was late to a meeting, and could barely stand on my own two feet, but the shoes are cute. I bought these shoes for a reason and I do no regret my purchase, because I’m sure I will get used to them. I hope…

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