Prepping for Graduation – How to Find Opportunities

By Rhian Franchebois |

As a senior graduating in Spring of 2016, I face the impending reality of going out into the “real world”. One of the major concerns I have is the fact that I need a job. Although I personally have no concrete plans after graduating, I have many resources at my disposal to figure something out.

Here’s a list of a few of them, and how it specifically applies to a Theatre Arts major (which I am).

  1. Ask your professors
    The Theatre Arts department has seven professors, all of whom worked in the professional industry. Andrea, Britt, Paul, Carl, Kip, Christine, Elaina – the occasional guest speaker even. If you ask them for references, about places they’ve been, opportunities they know about, people they may know – they are there to help, and if you’re serious about finding a job and working hard at a career, who knows what they are willing to share. There is never any harm in asking.
  2. Go to conferences
    This upcoming Spring semester, I plan on attending KCACTF, the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, as well as SETC, the South East Theatre Conference. Both of these events hold opportunities for employment, people looking to hire, people teaching skills related to the industry, and people who work for the “places to be” in the theatre arts. By attending these conferences, and putting yourself out there, the likelihood of finding a job increases exponentially. To find a conference relating to your field of  study, ask your professors or turn to the internet!
  3. Remember Career Services is on campus and ready to help
    You can set up an appointment and see what they have offer. They’re always willing and able to help.
  4. Google it
    I’m sure this is self-explanatory.
  5. Know your local community
    You never know what’s in your own backyard until you go out and look. I managed to get two internships over this past summer, simply by exploring and asking the people who work there if they are willing to accept my help.

In short, you have to apply yourself. An amazing opportunity and/or the perfect career will not simply fall into your lap. You have to work hard at it.

Of course, the places to find a job are countless, but these are a few to get you started. Good luck finding that perfect career. Thanks for reading!

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