Top 10 Best Fall Trends 2014

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Dark Colors

1. Dark Colors

We have mixed feelings about the end of Summer 2014. However, now is the time to spice up your fall wardrobe with darker and richer colors such as maroon, evergreen, deep violet and orange. 


2. Cardigans

 It’s not always sweater weather in the sunshine state, but cardigans are a fall must-have. 


3. Knee-High Boots

 It’s time to put away those flip-flops and trade them in for a good pair of boots. Okay, maybe it’s not cold enough just yet, but regardless boots are a fall staple. They’re easy to put on and can be dressed up or down. Perfect for any fall outfit. 


4. Flannels

Whether they’re fully buttoned or tied around the waist 1990’s style, flannels have been a recurring fall trend for a couple of years now. We’re perfectly okay with this. 

 Dark Lipstick

5. Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick might be considered more “high fashion,” but it’s becoming increasingly common to see girls taking the trend off the runway (power to them). 


6. Scarves

Let’s be honest about something. In Florida, we know you’re not wearing a scarf just to warm up. Scarves have to be one of the best fall fashion statements of all time because they can dress up any outfit. 


7. Leggings

 Leggings are where it’s at. Not only can you continue to wear your favorite skirts and dresses from the summer, but you can stay warm and dress up your outfit while doing so.


8. Hats/Beanies

We all hate hat hair, but even on your worst hair day beanies can really accentuate your Fall outfit.


9. Over-sized Clothing

As the weather cools down, it may be time to bring out the comfy, over-sized clothes – including military-style jackets.


10. Fall Fragrances

From candles to pumpkin spice everything. It wouldn’t be Fall without all the amazing scents of Apple-Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Fresh Balsam and Crisp Firewood. 

Photos by Holly Neuhaus

Clothing modeled by Christina Heflin

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