Why I Thrift


From her wardrobe to her room decor, Heather Seidel sees thrifting as a treasure hunt. Watch and learn why she won’t spend more than $10 for anything, even on Juicy Couture and Fossil.

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You don’t find treasures by quickly skimming the shelves, so give yourself some time to browse!
Thrifting is much more rewarding when you take the time to scout out every section.
You never know where you’ll find a treasure.


 Sometimes bargains can be so overwhelming that you end up spending way more than intended.
(It’s happened to me several times!)
Make sure you give yourself a set amount of cash before you dash out the door.


Did you know that many thriftstores have student and senior discounts?
That a lot of Goodwill’s have a color of the week where you can get a percentage off?
A lot of thriftstores have extra deals on particular days of the week, ask about them.


 If you’re second guessing your potential purchase, chances are you should pass it up.
If you don’t think you’ll use it or wear it, it will probably sit around until
it finds it’s way back to your thrift store again!


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find the lost treasure of Atlantis on your first go around.
While some larger stores like Goodwill restock all the time, some smaller stores only
restock on certain days, so make sure to ask what days those are.

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