Goran Ivanovic comes to Café Eleven March 28


By Caroline Cover | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Classical guitar prodigy and Croatia native Goran Ivanovic draws inspiration from jazz, world and Balkan music.

“Balkans is the area of Europe where I grew up,” Ivanovic said. “There are so many different styles within that tradition. Historically it has been a very rich area in folk music and dance. I like to incorporate some of those rhythms and scales in my music.”

Ivanovic began playing music at the age of six and says his music modern in terms of harmony and rhythm.

“My father was a guitarist, so I grew up with guitars around the house,” Ivanovic said.

Ivanovic called one of his true musical heroes Paco de Lucia, who passed away recently.

“I am dedicating all my performances this year to him,” said Ivanovic.

However, other musicians are not the only factor of inspiration for Ivanovic’s music.

“It’s really everything that happens in my life: Traveling, meeting new people, discovering art, books,” he says.

When writing new music, Ivanovic said his overall goal is to create a comfortable place for himself. “I want to share my music with people that get it,” he said.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine rated Ivanovic’s new album “Best of 2013”.

“This was my second time that Acoustic Guitar Magazine chose my album as best of the year,” Ivanovic said. “It’s of course, very humbling for me. I appreciate people recognizing my hard work.”

Many of Ivanovic’s songs are played in duos or trios. His solo music, however, is what St. Augustine will have a chance to hear Café Eleven at his performance March 28th.

“I am playing a solo set recently written,” Ivanovic said. “I am planning a new album this year with that music.”

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