Sundy Best hopes to make new kinfolk at Café 11

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“It’s a word we used growing up and because when you say “fan” it puts an automatic disconnection between us, and the music we make and the people who listen to it, and we try to keep that all as close as possible,” Kris Bentley, vocalist and rhythm section for the two-man band, stated in order to explain what is now known as the Kinfolk Movement.

Bentley and childhood friend, Nick Jamerson, began their musical career together singing and playing in their church in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. While they separated during college, both came back to their hometown and started playing gigs together in increasingly larger venues.

Their music style mixes country, rock and bluegrass genres. This unique sound gained a large following in a short amount of time. The music video for their single “Home” from the album Door Without a Screen (2013) debuted at number one on CMT Pure by viewer’s choice. In the most recent issue of Country Weekly, Sundy Best was compared to popular rock band the Black Keys as their country counterpart.

“We only started around 2010, so it seems like everything happened really fast, which seems like it’s a really good sign in this career”, Bentley said, “It builds our confidence and gives some credit that maybe there is something big that’s going to happen”. The band recently got more exposure to viewers when their newest video to the single “These Days” was released on CMT on Monday, November 11, 2013.

Sundy Best has been to Florida once before for the 2012 Suwannee Springfest in Live Oak. They are excited to return to the sunshine state for a smaller-venue show in a city that has been rumored to them as filled with kind-hearted southern hospitality.

“I hope that people are ready for something different, and something kind of cool,” Bentley stated.

Join the Kinfolk Movement and be sure to catch Sundy Best at Café 11 on Saturday, November 23rd. The band is known for starting parties at their shows, so be ready for some boot-stomping, hooting and hollering.

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