Queen Beef: A promising garage punk band

By Kaitlin Pulvino | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Photo by Victoria Cheoff


A formidable smell of cigarettes and stale beer accompanied the crowded in the dimly lit venue of Nobby’s. Despite it’s dilapidated appearance, there was a particular comfort within the tired walls. Suddenly, the sharp call of cymbals began to ring out over the crowd. As the ringing grew, the crowd began to push forward, a collective of 20-somethings, jaded punk rockers, and retired locals. However, the one thing all these individuals held in common was an ever-present excitement to see front man Michael O’Hara unleash his crazy antics while performing with his band, Queen Beef.

Being a musician is a hard thing to do. It is a popular dream and many artists starve before they accomplish their goals of becoming signed to a label and grabbing a hold of success and fame. However, St. Augustine’s local garage punk band Queen Beef is on the fast track to success after being scouted out by California based indie label Lollipop Records.

Local musicians Michael O’Hara, Ryan Palm, Nicky C. and Matt Pius started Queen Beef last December. They met at Flagler College and a shared a mutual love for Nobby’s, one of St. Augustine’s only venues for local music. “We all came together and mutually wanted to be in a band and it just kinda started like that,” said lead singer Michael O’Hara. With Ryan on guitar, Nicky C. on bass, Matt on drums and Michael on vocals, the band has made a name for itself in this small artistic town.

The promising garage punk band has booked many shows due to the proud efforts of their bassist Nicky. These shows include recently opening for the Jacuzzi Boys, a popular rock band who has played at the local venue Nobby’s, and Wyatt Blair, the part time owner of the bands’ recent record label. It is apparent that their consistency with booking packed shows and producing a unique sound has helped the band get signed in such a short period of time.

“The future of Queen Beef looks pretty bright and juicy if you ask me,” said lead singer Michael O’Hara, who will be joining his band mates as they tour Los Angeles, Ca. and the west coast. O’Hara predicts a tour in the near future.

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