Stick Figure talk new album and pre-show rituals

By Chelsea Walsh |

On March 29, Stick Figure and Tribal Seeds played at the Freebird Live in Jacksonville. Stick Figure formed in Duxbury, MA., and blends classic reggae rifts and club-like dub beats. The band is currently touring with Tribal Seeds washing up along the shores of Hawaiian islands end come April 18, 2013. Lead singer Scott Woodruff has a unique recording style, focusing on separate instruments that are later layered and blended into one track. This upbeat reggae composition, calls to original fans of reggae and the newer dub niche, which has singlehandedly taken over most of the music industry.

Recently Scott Woodruff, KBong, Tommy Sulliman and Kevin Offitzer came together to create the live band. Frontman Scott Woodruff, does lead vocals, guitar and all studio instrumental recordings. The live keyboard player and vocalist is known as KBong, Tommy Sullimna plays live bass and Kevin Offitzer plays live drums. Below, tour manager Brandon Pescrille answers some Q&A about the band.

When did Stick Figure start playing together?
Stick Figure has been a band for seven years but a live band for only about one year.

What attracts you to smaller venues like Freebird? How many times have you played at Freebird?
We’ve played at Freebird twice now. It’s a very special place to us because this is where Stick Figure played our first ever show on a tour. Small intimate clubs are what we are all about. Being close to our fans in a comfortable setting.

Is the sixth studio album in the works?
Yes, it is. Several singles have been recorded. Looking forward to a release in 2014.

Can you share any pre show rituals that help get everyone pumped?
A shot of whiskey to warm my voice up a bit. We all get together and hype each other as much as we can!

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened so far on the Tribal Seeds tour?
“The entire tour has been crazy. Too much craziness to explain in detail. We have become good friends with the Tribal guys, so pretty much every night something crazy is bound to happen.

What city/state is the band looking forward to visiting the most?
We end this tour in Hawaii. I think everyone is really excited for the three shows we will be rocking on two of the islands.

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