Dining hall’s portions are not one size fits all

By Jessie Box | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Height and build can be the determining factor of portion size in the dining hall.

According to Tim Bucolo, Flagler College food service director, the dining hall is trying to prevent food waste by giving students a single serving and having students come back through the line for any additional servings.

“If a six foot guy came through and asked for more, the servers would probably give him more but we try to keep it consistent,” said Bucolo.

Americans waste about 100 billion pounds of food every year, according to an article in Delicious Living. This is enough food to feed 60 million people.

“Since we have done away with trays and set portions, we have seen a decrease in waste,” said Bucolo.

Students are confused as to how this is keeping the servings consistent.

“I can understand why one might assume that a six foot guy would need a bigger portion, however that is not always the case,” said John Monroe, Flagler College SGA President and junior. “Because of this, it would seem that the fair thing to do is to give everyone the same amount regardless of physical appearance.”

The dining hall is an all you can eat environment, but some students don’t find it fair that portions can be determined by appearance.

“If one person asks for extra, everyone should have the opportunity to ask for more,” said Samantha Brown, Flagler College junior.

When the lines are long, students tend to ask for another serving, so that they do not have to face the line again.

“I myself have unfortunately gotten more than what I needed and could not finish it all,” said Monroe. “However, it does get inconvenient at times during high periods of student traffic and the lines are extremely long.”

The staff was not allowed to comment on how and when they decide to give extra servings to students.

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