Album Review: Matt & Kim “Lightning”

By Travis Lowndes |

Matt and Kim released latest album “Lightening” on Oct. 2nd.

Matt and Kim have  done more than simply stay afloat in Brooklyn, a city with so much musical competition. They’ve been streaming into the ears and hearts of fans who adore their happily infectious tunes.

Since 2005, the duo has set themselves apart in the indie music world with their insanely catchy synthesized melodies and uplifting lyrics.

The band’s fourth full-length album, ‘Lightning’, released this October. It is sure to please long time listeners and first timers alike.

The opening song on the album ‘Let’s Go’ is about as catchy as they come, it’s jam packed with steady marching drums and complimented by a keyboard riff that will most likely be stuck in your head for days.

Matt and Kim’s new album is perfect for days when you are a feeling down because practically every song is constructed with the intent to let the listener know that we as people share similar problems and their lyrics act as a simple guide to overcoming them.

Matt and Kim have come a long way from their early days. Neither Matt or Kim knew how to play their respective instruments when they began playing.

They met in class one day with an idea to create music and now they tour the world, playing their tunes for everyone.

Matt and Kim recently played in Tallahassee and Tampa, and now, they are off to the west coast.

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