Cursive to play Cafe 11 April 9

By Ryan Buffa |

Indie rock veteran group, Cursive, will take the stage at Café 11 on Monday April 9. The trio consists of Tim Kasher on guitar and vocals, Matt Maginn on bass and Ted Stevens on guitar and vocals. Cursive is well known for their energetic and entrancing live shows, as well as their well-crafted story telling through lyrical themes.

Cursive released their seventh LP, “I Am Gemini” on February 21st, which has been claimed to be their heaviest album yet. “I Am Gemini” is the story of two twin brothers who were separated at birth, and reunited in their birth parent’s original home. The album tells the tale of “mostly good and evil,” Maginn said.

The song that exemplifies the brother’s story is “Gemini,” Maginn said. “It’s kind of the pivotal point and the center piece of the record…It’s sort of where everything comes together.”

“I Am Gemini” differs from previous works by Cursive because the whole album is dedicated to one short story rather than individual songs with separate general lyrical themes. Maginn described the album as more difficult for the band to produce because the album is the Cursive’s first to have a story flow in order from beginning to end.

“I enjoy the energy of it,” Maginn said. “It’s a lot of fun…especially because it’s more difficult to play than previous albums.”

Their live performance this Monday night will be sure to take you through a journey of the battle between good and evil, but mostly just good music.

Other bands accompanying Cursive, are Cymbal Eat Guitars and the Conduits. Tickets are $16 at the door. For more information visit the

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