Men’s tennis team dealing with tough season

By Santiago Martinez-Caro |

The Flagler College men’s tennis team season has not been as successful this season as many expected. Though the team is very talented, and will have great runs in the future, their inexperience has put them through some tough times this year.

This weekend the team traveled to South Carolina to play against No. 10 Lander. After a rain delay Flagler College was defeated with an overall score of 5-1. With this defeat, Flagler College fell to a 5-9 overall and a 2-4 in conference play.

“I feel like we are doing O.K., although we have lost more conference matches than I had hoped,” said Harry Snoxell, a business major from England and one of the student assistant coaches in the team.

The team is young and talented but they still have to get the experience that will take them to the national championship one day.

“In general, the guys are doing all right, we have high expectations of them but they are still young and will improve a lot in the coming years,” said Yegor Romashov, a sports management major from Russia, and also one of the student assistant coaches on the team. “Experience comes from playing a lot of matches. With the talent we currently possess in our team I think that the future looks bright.”

Snoxell agree.

“We will try to get the best out of the players and use my experience to help the players. We will have to win some tough matches from here on, to make it to conferences,” Snoxell said.

The Saints next game is Friday, March 30 at home against Barry.

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