Langhorne Slim and the Law to play Cafe 11 March 10

By Ryan Buffa |

Langhorne Slim and the Law will be playing the Original Café 11 on Saturday, March 10 and will bring a gospel sound with a rock and roll feel.

Langhorn Slim fits into the folk, singer-songwriter genre and going to his live performances could be described as a gospel-like experience. This is because his creative process requires three aspects that bleed into his live performances.

“Pay attention to the spirit when it moves you. Try to write down every idea. Feed inspiration with love,” Slim said.

As for his musical inspiration, “Young women on old motorcycles” makes for an edgier tone and might be best left out of church.

Langhorne Slim and the Law are touring before the release of their fourth album, “The Way We Move,” which is due out June 5. It is is Slim’s favorite album thus far.

“Its different in many ways from [previous albums] but a main difference is that it was for the most part recorded live and has a rawer feel,” he said.

For Slim, music lies deep in his roots and affected him as far back as he can remember.

“I think music has moved me deeply since the womb,” he sad.

In the end, the lyrical theme some might experience during a performance might just be love, whatever your interpretation might be, because Slim’s songs are full of it: “Love. It all comes down to love.”

A live performance by Langhorne Slim and the law might leave you as satisfied as you feel after eating a slice of your favorite homemade pie.

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