Diversity committee hopes to make campus more vibrant

By Joshua Santos | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Earlier this semester, the Flagler Foundations of Excellence Committee on Diversity asked students about their views on Flagler’s culture. While the results did not surprise anyone, they did indicate that most students are comfortable with the atmosphere.

Leslie Robison, head of the diversity committee and art professor, said having a more diverse campus will “create a more vibrant and open community.” She said there are efforts to attract a more diverse set of students, but that in the end it is up to the students.

The survey found that the student body is 60 percent female and 90 percent Caucasian. It also found it had been steadily improving in the past years in attracting a more diverse crowd.

“[The campus] is much more diverse than it was when I was a freshman,” Sylvester Robinson, a graduating senior, said. “Race is not an accurate representation, when it comes to personality. Flagler is key.”

But not all students see it this way. John Monroe, president of the newly founded Black Student Association, believes the school can do more.

“People don’t know enough about the minorities,” he said.

Monroe said he believes that through more diverse events and training, the school can do a better job of reaching out to minority students.

The BSA meets on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in room 200 in the Proctor Library. They hope to generate more awareness through campus-wide cultural events. They hope to team up with the Campus Activity Board to help get students to come to campus events.

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