King Cobra

By Toni Marie Foxx

What is the only snake species that make nests? If you guessed the King Cobra… I’m sorry but… You are… CORRECT!! In fact the females build a nest to lay their eggs in. Isn’t that awesome. I mean, I thought only birds did that, but to know that snakes do that too, that’s awesome!

The King Cobra’s original name is Ophiophagus Hannah, kind of hard to pronounce huh, but that’s because it’s originally from Northern India, and South East China, and they are also found in Indonesia. The name “King Cobra” comes from Portuguese sailors in the 16th century. Cobra means snake in Portuguese. King comes form the Boss of India’s snakes. So in other words King Cobra means “King Snake”.

The color of the king Cobra varies form pale olive or yellow to brown, and black. Light cross bands often run the lengths of the body. This is the longest venomous snake in America! It can reach the length of 18 feet; males are larger than females by the way.

The Heavy, Muscular King Cobra eats venomous snakes, as well as no venomous snakes; it also eats lizards, birds, and even rodents! This big, heavy, muscular snake is able to kill, and eat other venomous snakes, by its powerful venom is by its powerful venom! The venom glands lie behind the eyes. They can dislocate their jaw to engulf large prey!

Special Thank You

         I would like to thank the Flagler College staff, and students for their support, and for giving us the opportunity to use their computers. I would like to thank the Boys & Girls Club for taking us there and bringing us back home safely. I would like to thank St. Augustine Alligator Farm and my friends Amber, DaMiah, and Leajawana.

         Thank you Guys for everything!!

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