Monkeylicious facts

By Kirstyn Wilder

The Spider Monkey is one of the cutest and lovable monkeys in the world! There are seven known species of the Spider Monkey. They belong to the class of the New World Monkeys. In the particular class, they are believed to be the biggest. These monkeys can be used in lab experiments.

They can weigh up to 20 pounds and they have very strong limbs for climbing trees and other plants. They use their tail to pick up food and leaves too. The spider monkey is an important role in the natural habitat. Their diet is very important and they usually seeds from plants, fruits and flowers.

Lemurs are very playful and funny to watch. These primates have a patch of checkered black and gray on their tail. They eat fruit like strawberries, bananas other plants. There are 100 types of species of lemurs. Twenty-five percent of them are classified as endangered or critically endangered, and the remaining species are also quickly declining. It’s easy to see that these monkeys are really important, but it’s not easy to see why they are getting killed.

Tom Anderson’s wife, Jen Anderson, works at the Alligator Farm. “My wife comes here and I can bring my kids,” he said. “And it’s cool to look at the animals.”

Judy Lamp said that it would be hard to be a worker at the Alligator Farm and that it would be interesting to do what they do.

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