Ginormous python snakes

By Leajawana Rollins
     At the Alligator Farm we found the Green Tree Python.

     Green tree pythons can reach lengths up to 6 feet. The vivid green coloring is speckled with blue, white and yellow stripes. The stripes provide excellent camouflage, which makes it very difficult to detect among leaves and small plants.

     The diet of the green tree python is primarily lizards, birds and small mammals. They have large front teeth that allow it to grasp and eat its pray. The snake spends the majority of its life in the rain forest in trees. It is part of the arboreal species. I also did an interview with Ms. Danielle Leopold.

“The hardest animal to work with is the venomous snakes, blood python, which is very moody,” said Ms. Leopold .

     When it first hatches, it can be bright yellow or dark red and turn green.  The Alligator Farm property has 1,000 reptiles, about 600 alligators and 90 birds. We explored the Alligator Farm with staff member Mr. Josh, Flagler College staff member Dr. Sarkio and Flagler College students Danielle, Tiffanie, Eliza and Angela.

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