Surf team prepares for the big competition

By Nora Breedlove |

The Flagler College surf team prepares themselves for the National Scholastic Surf Association East Coast Championship this weekend.

As the semester continues to wind down, the surf team trains for the most important part of their season. The team will go to New Symrna, Fla. in the hopes of winning. The win will allow them to advance to the next rounds of competitions, which take place this summer in California.

Earlier this season the team won one contest and placed second in three others.

“We aren’t too concern with the fact that we only won one contest, mainly because we have enough surfers who potentially have the talent to win any of the contests”, Tom Casse, the president of the surf team, said.

Though excited to prove themselves in the competition, the team struggles to receive funding. Since surfing is not recognized as a NCAA sport, Flagler College does not give funding to the surf team program. This has been a battle for quite sometime.

“We have been fortunate to receive donations from South Beach Grill and the Surf Station”, Casse said. “However we are still working hard to pay for all of our expenses”.

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