Brett Dennen is everyone’s “Loverboy”

By Jacqueline Dautel |

It was one of those nights when I just didn’t feel like turning off the TV and going to bed. The applause of late night talk shows faded, the clock struck 1:35 a.m. and Last Call with Carson Daly began informing me of the best new artists. I had been idly watching for hours until Brett Dennen, and the sway of his fiery red hair, appeared and began to belt out a few of his newest songs.

It was 2009 when I heard of him for the first time. Dennen’s hopefulness was so memorable that when I heard about the release of his newest album on April 12th, titled “Loverboy,” I had to find out what this one was all about.

“Loverboy” is Dennen’s 4th album since his self-titled debut in 2004. Since then, he’s been in the studio and on the road to deliver his evolving sound and amazing lyrics. His fans are what inspired the songs on “Loverboy” and he dedicates it to the ones who have supported his musical journey so far.

“I want to make you dance and sing along,” he said in an address to his fans on his webpage. “I want the music to be fun to listen to, and fun to see live. So this album is for you.”

It’s all about enjoying the world during uplifting times as well as the pensive and depressing times. The theme is broad, but greatly appreciated at the same time. Dennen pairs wistful lyrics with an upbeat sound that has you tapping your foot at first listen and singing along after the second.

Songs like “Dancing at a funeral” prove that Dennen’s optimistic voice has the ability to make any day cheerful. “Song for leaving” is another example of his keen ability to make a dreary situation something to sing along to. Clapping and wild interjections bring his songs to life and encourage the listener to become involved in the Dennen experience. “Comeback Kid” is simply irresistible with its call to the underdog and hand-clapping chorus.

Summer is upon us and soon we’ll finally be paying the beach a visit. Brett Dennen is the perfect friend to accompany you for the trip. Select “Loverboy” and turn it up. A bad day will improve and a good day will get even better.

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