Disheartened by TV sex craze

By Victoria Hardina |

Turning to my left I am shocked to see two girls sloppily making out on a bed. One suddenly gets up, walks over to an overly tanned guy, straddles him and then attempts to give him a lap dance.

Ah, “Jersey Shore.” Turning back to the TV attached to my own treadmill, I flip through the channels looking for something a little less…primitive.

I glance over to the girl on my right and see that she is running while fully engrossed in watching the latest episode of “16 and pregnant.” Typical.

I stop my treadmill and take a walk around the gym. Interestingly enough, almost every girl on the elliptical or treadmill is watching “Jersey Shore” or “16 and pregnant.” I find this highly amusing and slightly daunting. It’s not very comforting to know the future leaders of America are most-entertained  watching “teens get knocked up” and a reality show starring faux tanned girls and guys with shirts tighter than a new pair of Spandex.

What is it about these shows that are so fascinating, and why are television stations and movies pushing the myth that our teenage-years and twenties are only about non-stop drinking and sex?

After watching a few episodes of “Jersey Shore,” my question remains the same. The show is set in New Jersey and consists of eight Italian Americans who refer to themselves as “Guido’s” and “Guidette’s.” Throughout the episodes, two themes remain constant: drinking and lots of sex. Which, if we’re lucky, ends with an exciting morning-after fight and another memory added to the long lists of nights they’re sure to regret. I think I’ve found some of the best quotes of “Jersey Shore.”

“I’m not sure what lobsters eat, but I think they eat like insects or something… so I was gonna feed them worms.” —Snooki

“You only get milk in [your breasts] if you’re like pregnant. I think.” —Sammi

“Don’t call 911, I think that’s emergency.” -Angelina

At least MTV has helped us with one thing: making us feel smarter than eight other people.

As if binge drinking and sexual mishaps aren’t enough entertainment, MTV has just launched a new show called “Skins” to gain a bigger audience by selling an even bigger scandal. “Skins” follows the lives of teenagers going through high school and all of the angst that goes with it, along with finding their sexuality. The show glamorizes teenagers engaging in sex, parties, drugs and alcohol. MTV has received criticism about the show and even faces some potential legal battles due to strict child pornography laws and the fact that the actors are all between the ages of 15-19. I can’t comprehend why anyone would enjoy seeing a pale and scrawny 15-year-old naked butt. If it was Zac Efron, it would be a different story.

The newly released movie “Easy A” gives the perfect example of sex glorifying someone. A student is rumored to have lost her virginity and then suddenly is wanted by every guy in the school. That seems pretty realistic.

I’ll admit, these shows are at times amusing, but the media has a way of making sex and partying seem like the only important thing our generation can participate in.

Every sex taboo is being brought to the surface and illuminated. Right now it’s pregnancy. Hopefully next will be something that could actually positively influence our generation. More information on the consequences of sex, like sexually transmitted infections and what precautions are available would be a great change.

As much as the media enjoys the attention from young audiences due to their spreading of the idea that sex is a positive and popular thing, I can guarantee you there is one ‘clap’ from their audience they certainly will not enjoy being tested positive on.

Apparently, sex and pregnancy are no big deal. You and me, we just need to loosen up a bit and join the party. We don’t need adults telling us what is good and right — I’m pretty sure we’ve got that all figured out. Anyway, it’s not like anyone would watch a show about the benefits of safe sex, responsible drinking or heaven-forbid, chastity. Boring! It’s much more exciting to watch a 30-minute train wreck. Plus, when we grow up, they’ve got these things called Soap Operas, and they are basically like “Skins” for old people.

So yeah, reckless sex and blackout drinking? The more, the better! I mean, it’s not like I’m dumb enough to actually let that happen to me…right? And anyway, maybe I could get a TV deal out of it, which would totally make my life as a “Teen Mom” awesome.

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