College’s purchase may result in faculty offices

By Amber Jurgensen |
Contributions by Lauren Belcher
Photographs by Phillip C. Sunkel IV

The two-story building across from the communications building on Cuna Street may potentially house new faculty offices, according to Flagler College Director of Business Services Larry Weeks.

The structure, located at 66 Cuna Street, was purchased by the college over the summer.

“We have had architects draw up plans on how we could fit the communications department in that building, but Dr. Abare has not made a decision on if we are going to go that route or are we going to put someone else down there,” Weeks said. “So a decision hasn’t been made what we’re going to do with it, but it will be offices whether its communication faculty or some other department.”

Weeks said he’s met with Tracy Halcomb and Dan McCook to get their feedback and incorporate their ideas. “But again we’re looking at it from a concept and no decision has been made,” he said.

Halcomb, communication department chair, thought it would be better to use the building for offices rather than classrooms.

“I walked through saying please don’t buy this for the com [communication] department, because it’s not big enough,” Halcomb said. “I thought that it would be immediately accessible for faculty offices. They could move 20 faculty over there with very little cost and renovation.”

On Feb. 23, the Board of Trustees will discuss the function of the building.

Weeks said, “We’re thinking that Dr. Abare will make a presentation to them asking their blessings on what we decide to do.”

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