What’s Haute: Haute Hues

By Jody Marich | jmarich@flagler.edu
Illustrations by Jody Marich

Camel, rich purples, saturated colors and olive tones all fall into this season’s hot color scheme. With the temperatures dropping, colors are changing.
The burst of military in the fashion world has created more earth tone color options….

the new neutral: If you haven’t loaded up on this fabulous hue, now is the time. Camel, is the “IT” color this fall. It can match just about any color you want to put with it. From browns to blacks, purples to blues, camel is a friend to every hue.
Designers like Chloé, Alexander Wang, and Michael Kors are crazy about camel.
Anything from purses, to shoes, coats to pants are showing up in camel. Choose one versatile piece and pair it with other trends of the season.
**Layer camel and denim for a runway look or keep it simple with accessorizing in camel.

Stemming from the military trend, olive tones, army greens and shades of brown have made a big boom in the fashion world.
Look out for trench coats, military inspired jackets, layering pieces, leggings, and cargo style pants in these tones. Some skin tones clash with these tones so be sure to try on. Find the shade that looks good with your coloring.

Rich Purples:
Eggplant, saturated purples and vibrant magenta tones are all the rage. They are dark enough for fall but still add a pop of color to drab tones. Deep tones and plums are another great choice to bring purple into your wardrobe.
**Opaque tights in purple would be a great addition to a dark winter outfit.

This neutral color is everywhere. Jeans, sweaters and outerwear are great choices when wearing this color. Sporting the hue in moderation can look stylish and cozy but be careful not to over do it. It can wash you out.
Mix it up by adding some fun prints or winter knits into the gray mix.

Red tones:
Like purple, this color is all over runways and stores, from luscious maroons to vibrant reds, this is a must have color for fall.

Zac Posen and Anna Sui, were two of the many designers showing their love for red on the runway.
Crimson is a great accent color to add to an outfit. The deep, vibrant tone, brightens up a normal every day outfit.

Fall is my favorite season. Not only because it has my favorite holidays, but the fashions of fall are fabulous. As temperatures drop, more layering will happen and with these gorgeous colors adding to fall favorites, you can look stylish while staying cool.

Remember, fashion is fun. It is uniquely you.

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