DJ Lush works on claim to fame

By Angela Daidone |

Expressive and bubbly are two ways to describe the recognizable voice of Christina Arzapalo. Head Music Director of WFCF 88.5 FM Arzapalo hopes the world will soon come to know her vivacious personality.  

“My plan is to get famous whether it’s through radio or journalism,” Arzapalo said.

You can listen to her Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. as DJ Lush.

“Lush is British slang for cool girl,” Arzapalo said. Cool girl Arzapalo plays a mix-tape of music on her show, Friday Morning Live or FML for short.

“We call it FML for people to remember it,” she said.

Shortening the show’s name seems to be working in the way Arzapalo hoped. She was recently recognized at a Publix deli ordering turkey when a customer asked if she was DJ Lush. The customer informed her he listens to her every week.

“I was really flattered, but also creeped out,” Arzapalo said.

This recognition may be the beginning of the stardom she is working hard toward.

From April to August 2010, Arzapalo interned at WiLD 95.5 FM in South Florida. As an intern, she worked closely with the WiLD morning show crew.

“I was screening calls and going to Wal-Mart at 6 a.m. to buy soccer balls and flour, and weird things for stunts,” Arzapalo said. “As an intern, I got to be in skits and stunts on-air.”

The experience with WiLD 95.5 FM taught her what a job in radio is really like and reaffirmed her decision to continue working with radio in graduate school.

Arzapalo said her final WFCF broadcast will be during the Summer of 2011. She is going to miss everyone at the station, but it will not be the end for her by any means.

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